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School Plan

Literacy Goal

To increase literacy outcomes for all students.

How can we increase student literacy achievement through differentiated whole class literacy practices?

What Do We Know About Our Learners?

Sidney School staff are committed to increasing literacy outcomes for all of our students. 

See our most recent report card literacy data (GRAPH 1), and our District Literacy Assessment data (GRAPH 2).

Through our school based Literacy intervention team, our school is providing daily, regular literacy intervention to 10% of our student population outside of the classroom.  Aligning our classroom practice with high quality, whole class literacy instruction will provide literacy support to all students in our school.  Classroom instruction will provide repetition and consistent literacy instructional approaches for students who are also receiving interventions in our school.

This goal and focused inquiry question aligns directly to our district strategic priority in Literacy. Additionally, our intended approaches are deeply connected to First Peoples Principles of Learning.

Recent Report Card Data - All Grades

Report card data

District Literacy Assessment - All Grades

District Literacy Assessment

First Peoples Principles of Learning

The Literacy Goal needs to ensure that:

  • Learning involves patience and time;
  • Learning is holistic, reflexive, reflective, experiential, and relational (focused on connectedness, on reciprocal relationships, and a sense of place); and
  • Learning is embedded in memory, history, and story.

What Are We Doing?

Over the course of the year, the following will be our specific actions:

  • teacher access to high quality resources to support instruction;
  • regular professional development for all staff focusing on whole group instruction strategies;
  • increased opportunities for collaboration drawing on expertise of staff;
  • mentoring opportunities between teaching staff (collaboration, class visits, team teaching);
  • aligning instruction and intervention amongst all teaching and itinerant staff (classroom teachers, Speech Language Pathologist, and school / district based teams;
  • School Wide Write;
  • Monthly Family Read Around the School; and
  • Indigo Grant from 2023-2026 ($50,000) to purchase quality books and resources for classrooms and our Learning Commons.

How Are We Doing?

Over the 2023-24 year, we will track progress on our initiatives identified in this year’s plan. And, specifically the following will be key elements:

  • Learning involves patience and time;
  • Report Card Data (Literacy report card data - June);
  • DLA Data (2023-2024);
  • Foundation Skills Assessment (FSA);
  • Literacy Tracking form;
  • Teacher formative and summative assessments; and
  • School Wide Write – data.

Where Are We Going?

Summary learning, based on evidence gathered over the year, will provide us with key learnings to guide next steps for the 2024-25 school year and beyond.

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